Why is Kellogg’s facing legal action for Strawberry Pop-Tarts


Ah, the latest problem in the first world.

Kellogg’s has been making delicious products for the last 57-years. Pop-TartsA brand of toaster pastries, known as, that has become a household staple. Strawberry, one of the most popular flavors, was recently in the news after a woman expressed her disgust for the product. What did she say?

Kellogg’s is facing a $5 million lawsuit from a woman over Strawberry Pop-Tarts.

The strawberry pop-tart flavor is being sued by this customer, who claims it doesn’t contain enough real strawberry.

According to The Wall Street JournalThe following was filed in the Southern District of New York. It is directed at “Whole Grain Frosted Strawberry”Flavor. According to the claim, the product contains more fruits such as apples and pears than strawberries. $5 million in relief is requested by the suit.

Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts are risking Kellogg's $5 million

Source: Instagram / #poptartsus

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“The product’s common or usual name of ‘Whole Grain Frosted Strawberry Toaster Pastries,’ is false, deceptive, and misleading, because it contains mostly non-strawberry fruit ingredients,”The latest complaint states.

The Wall Street JournalA spokesperson for Kellogg’s told The Post that they don’t comment on litigation pending.

WSJI also reached out to Spencer Sheehan, the lawyer who filed lawsuits. According to Spencer Sheehan, the class action case is aimed at pushing Kellogg’s to change its misleading labeling.

“Nobody’s saying that you expected to get everything from a strawberry. You’re not eating a fresh strawberry, obviously,”According to Mr. Sheehan. “But if you’re going to call it strawberry, you either ought to have all strawberries in there or just call it something else.”

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The new strawberry pop-tart discovery is dividing consumers.

Sam Hahn, a Los Angeles messenger, spoke with WSJHe expressed shock at the new ingredients in the product and expressed his surprise.

“There’s apple and pear in strawberry Pop-Tarts? It’s like you just told me there’s no Santa Claus,”Sam agreed. He was initially shocked but he was not overwhelmed by the additional components. “If there was raw meat or something crazy in there, that’s one thing. When you eat a Pop-Tart, you know it isn’t organic or vegan.”

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Steve Conaway, another strawberry pop-tart fan, stated, “Never once did I ever think I was eating real strawberries. It would be like eating a strawberry doughnut and thinking you’re getting your fruit in as well.”

Since decades, strawberry-flavored treats have been sold in grocery stores around the globe. Why are we now calling out its mistakes, when we could have done this from the beginning?

Source: Instagram / #poptartsus

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