Why is ‘Summer House” Staple Carl Radke not on Spinoff?Winter House?


Bravo’s cast has been together for five seasons Summer House The show entertained viewers with lots of drama, fights (mostly verbal but also physical), and hookups galore. The show’s former Loverboy VP Sales Carl Radke was a regular for five seasons. Bravo was the first to announce the spinoff. Winter HouseMost of the current Summer HouseCast decided to take to the slopes. However, many fans were disappointed that Carl wasn’t there.

Why is Carl Radke not in ‘Winter House?

The Season 1 premiere of Winter HouseCarl spoke to Us WeeklyHe explains why he decided to miss out on the spinoff series. “I’d be lying if I didn’t have a little bit of FOMO, but I really put a lot of thought into taking some time for myself,”Carl said. “Sobriety is super important to me and taking better mental care of myself. I can’t wait to watch my friends. I’ve heard a lot about it.”

Summer HouseFans have seen Carl struggle with substance abuse issues before. After Season 4, he declared that he would focus on sobriety. He had previously said Us Weekly? “I actually admitted that I do have so many issues and I wanted to actually get help that’s directly, you know, attacking the alcohol component. And that’s something I’d never done before. So I’m proud of myself, I feel supported.”

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The timing of when Winter House was filmed had a lot to do with why Carl didn’t believe that the show would have been good for his health. Carl’s brother, Curtis Radke, died in August of 2020 after struggling with mental illness and addiction. His brother’s battles are part of what prompted Carl to take a look at his own substance abuse issues and get help.

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But although Winter House is currently airing, it was actually filmed in February of 2021, just months after Curtis’s sudden passing. When discussing his reason for not filming Winter House, Carl confirmed to Us Weekly, “For me, the death of my brother was a major event. A lot of it was on the air. [on Summer House]The time was Winter HouseFilming and [amid]All that was important to me: my sobriety. It was better to take some time, and no amount of money was worth it.”

Carl took part in Season 5 Summer HouseHe focused on moderation in his drinking and proved to himself that it was possible to have fun while not partying too hard. Fans shouldn’t be concerned about him skipping. Winter HouseHe won’t be appearing in Season 6.

Winter HouseBravo broadcasts Wednesdays at 9 PM EST