Why “Jeopardy!” Buzzy Cohen, fans believe, could still host The Show


The future of Jeopardy!This is again in doubt. The powers that be are set to announce the show’s future host soon. Will Ken JenningsOr Mayim BialikCould you be the permanent host? Or fan favorite Buzzy CohenIs it possible to nab a lectern seemingly out of nowhere Cohen is back, according to some of his fans who are looking for clues. Jeopardy!.

Buzzy Cohen, Who Are You?

Cohen, for those who don’t know, is a beloved former Jeopardy! Contestant. He became a super champion by winning $164,603 in nine games in 2016. He was known for his humor and sarcasm, which helped him to be liked by the public. He was awarded $250,000 more in the 2017 Tournament of Champions, and is still closely associated with Jeopardy!To this day.

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Cohen was chosen to host the 2020 Tournament of Champions after Alex Trebek died in 2020. However, he was assigned a much more important task than Joe Buck or Bialik: he hosted 2021 Tournament of Champions. He was a popular choice to be the permanent host due to his high profile assignment. He was replaced by Mike Richards who was then for Jennings & Bialik.

Cohen fans think Cohen is coming back

Jeopardy!It’s no surprise that fans are extremely dedicated, so some detective work is in order. There is a rumor that Cohen may join the club. Jeopardy!Once again, as one of its hosts moving ahead.

Three signs suggest Cohen is on the way. First, his commitment to continuing. The ChaseFeels very light. Cohen has replaced Jennings on the ABC game show, but he’s only appeared on two of eight episodes so far. Season two ran for 18 episodes so Cohen could certainly have a run in the season’s second half, but it seems like his commitment to the show isn’t too strenuous.

The second and third huge signs, per Reddit, come from Cohen’s Twitter page. Some have mentioned a future project, while others post cryptic tweets. Cohen’s clearly working on something, so maybe it’s new Jeopardy!.

The joke on July 11th is the real smoking gun. OneEclecticMom, a popular Twitter personality that rates the fashion of Jeopardy!Contestants and hosts. She’s well-known to fans, contestants, and the shows producers. Mike Richards was succeeded by Michael Davies, the executive producer. Jeopardy!OneEclecticMom was invited to tap the show. Cohen was compelled to join the conversation.

“What if Buzzy also went shopping with you,”Cohen replied. This could easily be a joke, and it probably is, but Cohen may have just let it slip out that he’s physically around Jeopardy! again.

It’s Probably Not Happening

This theory has many flaws. Cohen wanting to buy clothes feels more like his brand and sense of humor, and he’s contractually obligated to The ChaseAt least for the remainder of the season. Only time will tell whether he joins Jennings or Bialik, or if the show takes a different path. A decision should be made prior to season 39.

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