Why Kym Whitley & Lena Waithe Happily Went over the Edge for Laughs


“You see things on paper, you talk about it,”Whitley spoke. “But when you’re actually in the room recording? Magic started happening. And you know, I just looked at Lena and I was like, ‘You’re right. This is absolutely beautiful.'”

Let’s just say, Waithe—who “grabbed on and said she wasn’t going to let it go until she saw it come to fruition,” Whitley said appreciatively—recognized that there was comedic gold to be mined from her pal’s very relatable experiences.

“I just thought it was naturally funny and I didn’t have to do too much there,”Waithe spoke of the podcast, “which is.” “loosely”Whitley’s single mother life and career as an entertainer inspired me. “That’s what usually gets me excited, when there’s a story that’s already entertaining and there’s just so much humanity there. That’s really what we wanted to bring out.” 

If you are given the option between a teachable moment and a spittake, it is obvious that you will choose. Kym will always strive for the laugh.

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