Why Meg Ryan’s Child Could Be Hollywood’s Next Big Star


The Amazon show is worth a look The BoysYou already know who Jack Quaid is. He plays Hughie in the series. Jack is also the child of a legendary acting duo Meg RyanAnd Dennis Quaid. His career trajectory is impressive, with parents like his and a role in one of the most loved shows right now.

A small initial role in The Hunger GamesTo play a significant role in another favorite movie franchise ScreamThe latest installation of Quaid will be available in theaters this weekend. Quaid is clearly just taking off, and we thought now would be a good time to look at his work thus far, as well as taking a look at some projects that haven’t been released yet but are sure to only make him even more famous. This is the story of Jack Quaid, Hollywood’s next big thing.

Born from Acting Royalty

Two great actors are likely to give their children a gift for acting. That is what happened here. His famous father, Dennis Quaid, has been acting since the ’70s and starred in such films as Frequency, Dragon HeartAnd Wyatt Earp. He is now directing and producing.

His mother, on the other hand, is one of America’s sweethearts. Meg Ryan also has a great career in Hollywood. She was the go-to queen for romantic comedies in the ’80s and ’90s. From Sally and Harry: When Harry Met SallyTo You’ve Got MailAnd City of AngelsRyan was the top choice for Hollywood producers looking for a charming and likable female lead.

It is only natural that they would have a child who was also passionate about acting. They were able foster and nurture this talent for Jack. Speaking of Jack…

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Born on April 24th, 1992, Jack didn’t waste much time when it came to figuring out what he wanted to do with his life. He was first to be noticed in a major role. The Hunger GamesMarvel franchise as the main character in the original film. He was only a small actor, but it made him famous and people started to pay attention. He never stopped trying and he didn’t quit.

After The Hunger GamesHe was offered a part in the HBO series. VinylHe was able to turn that experience into voice acting jobs. He landed the role as Hughie in 2019, which was the turning point in his career. The Boys, Amazon’s massive hit adaptation of the comic book of the same name. Many love the show. In a show filled with superheroes with questionable morals and morality, Hughie provides a moral compass and a lot of heart.

Where to Next

Jack may appear to be at the top, but in his eyes he is just beginning. His role in Richie Kirsch 2022 is his next major project. It will drop January 13th. ScreamThe fifth installment in the iconic franchise is titled. This is obviously a ScreamMovie, Jack could end up being the murderer, which would be quite a journey.

After that, he’s resuming his voice acting gig as Clark Kent in the upcoming animated show, My Time with Superman. Although the series does not have a premiere date, it is expected to be animated in the Japanese anime style and will air on HBO Max very soon.

Jack knows that he’s on the ground floor, waiting for a rocket to lift off. Judge from The BoysAnd Hunger GamesHe has real acting skills and can be seen on-screen alongside the best. It is only natural that two talented actors have children. Talent is what breeds talent and the Quaid family is proof of that.

Jack of all trades

As if all that isn’t enough, the multitalented Jack Quaid also has a band called Dupree, who have a song called R.B.F. We can’t tell you what R.B.F. stands for and we can’t show you the music video. You can Google it, but please be aware that it is NSFW (although it is quite funny).

And so with ScreamDrop this weekend, a brand new season The Boys not far off, and a music career with a cult following, Jack Quaid is heading for superstar status, and he’s still just getting started.