Why Neil Patrick Harris Causes Backlash on Friday, the 13th


Neil Patrick Harris took a 10-year-old decision that has been brought back to light by social media users. This is causing outrage among Amy Winehouse fans. Winehouse, who was a victim of alcohol abuse, died in 2011 Winehouse’s struggle with alcoholism, eating disorders and other issues were chronicled in the media and in her music. Her truthful hit is a familiar one to many. “Rehab,”She sang about her resistance to treatment. It ultimately led to her death at 27 years old. She’s been immortalized with numerous documentaries, think-piece analysis and other projects that focus on her career and personal struggles. Harris was apparently insensitive. 

Harris and David Burtka, Harris’ husband, received criticism three months after she died. “The Corpse of Amy Winehouse”At their Halloween party buffet Modern FamilyJesse Tyler Ferguson (star) and Justin Mikita (now-husband), were guests at the party. Mikita deleted a tweet that said: “Look who showed up @ActuallyNPH & @GourmetMD’s Halloween party last night. Looking good.”The photo featured a grisly depiction of a rotting corpse and Winehouse’s famous beehive haircut. It also showed her tattoos.

Since then, the image has been revived. The picture is no longer funny or appropriate. 

Help those suffering from addiction the most

Millions of people suffer from addiction around the globe. For many, something as simple as the cake and how it related to Winehouse’s downfall was trigger.


Cancel culture exists

Harris’ seriousness was doubted by many. He thought it through.


Not proud American

Harris has been placed in the category for the disgraced. The corpse cake was a real irritant to people.


The backlash continues

Harris was not to be seen again, so people made a vow to never see him again. Harris has not spoken out about the resurfaced controversy.


Lost a fan

Harris’ fans were not spared the shock. Harris lost many fans to the cake.


Too soon

The damage was done when people saw it. It’s ingrained in the brains of millions.


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