Why One Report Says There Are ‘New Fears’ For Ben Affleck’s Sobriety In Jennifer Lopez Relationship


Is Ben Affleck playing it loose with his sobriety? One tabloid claims the actor’s rekindled romance with Jennifer Lopez is challenging his recovery. Here’s the latest gossip about Bennifer 2.0.

Photos Sparking ‘New Fears’ For Affleck’s Sobriety?

This week, Woman’s Day reports Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are finally starting to blend their social circles, but it could mean disaster for Affleck’s sobriety. The tabloid points to snaps of the couple leaving a restaurant with Affleck noticeably squinting and looking a bit dazed. But rest assured, Lopez has made it clear that she plans to “do everything [she] can to protect” her and Affleck’s relationship this time around, and sources say that includes keeping Affleck sober.

“Ben’s been doing really well with his sobriety since Jen’s been on the scene, and she’s keen to keep it that way,” an insider begins. “At the start of their renewed romance, she was careful to keep most of their dates low-key, or around friends who were understanding of his struggles to stay sober. But now he’s feeling up to going out on the town with a wider social circle, and she’s keeping a watchful eye on him to make sure he isn’t being tempted on the cocktail menu just because people around them are boozing.”

J.Lo Keeping A ‘Watchful Eye’ On Ben Affleck?

While we’re sure Jennifer Lopez is supporting Ben Affleck in his effort to stay sober, we should give the Gone Girl actor some credit. To the best of our knowledge, Affleck has been sober since early 2020. So, it’s clear he has motivations outside of Lopez that are keeping him sober. Besides, the clear implication in this article is that Affleck is currently struggling. From the dazed photos to the pointed headline, “New Fears For Ben!”, the unspoken accusation here is that Affleck is on the edge of relapse.

Not only is there no evidence to support that accusation, but we’re also sure that no friends of Affleck’s are running to any tabloids to cast doubt on his sobriety. It’s obvious that the outlet just wanted to stir up a bit of drama for Affleck and Lopez. But the couple seems to be enjoying a bit of peaceful, albeit uneventful, domestic bliss at the moment.

The Tabloid On Ben Affleck

It comes as no surprise that Woman’s Day would publish such a misleading report about Affleck. Last fall, the outlet accused Affleck of living a “double life,” claiming he was secretly struggling with alcoholism. Then the tabloid reported Affleck and Lopez were trying to have a baby together. And more recently, the publication alleged Affleck was fighting with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, over his new relationship with Lopez. Clearly, Woman’s Day is no authority on Affleck’s personal life.

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