Why Prince Philip’s Children were Allowed to Attend Prince Philip’s Service


This week, Westminster Abbey was officially honored Prince Philip with a service to give thanks. People may be surprised to learn why the royal children were chosen. Prince George Princess CharlotteThey were allowed to miss school for the event. Don’t worry, there is an explanation.

There are a few royals

Until the day of, no one could predict what the guest list at Philip’s thanksgiving service would be. There was a possibility that Prince Harry might attend with Meghan Markle. However, a security dispute prevented this. He’s under fire for it, but then, when isn’t he.

It was unclear if Queen Elizabeth’s health would allow her to attend. One site claimed that Queen Elizabeth was dead after a recent bout with COVID-19, while another said she was now confined to a wheelchair. As she walked to her service, neither one of these stories was true. This is Elizabeth’s first major appearance in some time, and it’s good to see her moving around, with a cane for extra support.

Prince Andrew, Elizabeth’s disgraced child, was there to help her. He effectively sent the message that Elizabeth is standing by her son in spite of all the evidence of pedophilia. Despite all the revoked titles and royal duty relief, he seems to still be Elizabeth’s favorite son.

Even The Children?

Although Andrew was the most unexpected face at the ceremony, there were many royal children. Prince William and Kate Middleton brought George, Charlotte, and Prince Edward with them. It was Tuesday at midday so it makes sense that the ceremony was held on Tuesday. Surely children can’t skip school like that?

Well, you have to keep in mind that the immense wealth of the royal family means these kids don’t go to public school. It’s public knowledge that George and Charlotte attend private school, and Edward’s kids probably do too. The rules will likely be different because of this.


Additionally, children are likely on vacation. Private schools often begin Easter break on March 25, and many are already in full swing. Easter’s not until April, but private schools can kind of do whatever they want.

You also can’t ignore the fact that the royal kids play by very different rules from anyone else their age. As grounded as William Middleton and Middleton may try to make their children, it is almost impossible for them to skip school for military service.

George and Charlotte will be attending many similar services in their lifetime. You might as well get them started now. Plus, what kid doesn’t like skipping school? Even on a very sad occasion, it’s better than homework.

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