Why Prince Philip’s Will Will Stay Private


Prince Philip‘s will is not going to be made public for quite some time.

After his passing in April, it was ruled by the U.K.’s High Court that the contents of Prince Philip’s are to remain private for at least 90 years. This was followed by The GuardianThe fact that media representatives were not present at the July 2021 hearing when the ruling was handed down was legally challenged. BBC News. Although the outlet claimed there was a “lack of external scrutiny,”Judges have now rejected it The Guardian‘s claim.

Why? They are the judges. Sir Geoffrey Vos, Dame Victoria Sharp Lady Justice King, ruled July 29th that there were “exceptional”The outlet stated that the circumstances required the decision to be taken in private. As it could risk a lawsuit, the ruling said that the hearing was not to be made public. “media storm” occurring.

“These circumstances are, as we have said, exceptional,”According to the ruling. “We are not sure that there is a specific public interest in knowing how the assets of the Royal Family are distributed.”