Why Rachel, Bachelorette, Kicked Hayden out of the Competition


There’s nothing the City of Light can’t fix—at least for a little while. 

After the July 25th episode of The Bachelorette, in which the group of remaining men was split into two groups—one for Gabby WindeyOne for Rachel Recchia—the vibes attempted to reset themselves in Paris.

Rachel was still reeling from the rejection of three men at her rose ceremony last week, so she called her one on one date. TinoYou have the chance to “get things back on track.”They made crepes, kissed each other on a rainy bridge, and shared their thoughts about work/life balance. Rachel then gave Tino her rose.

Take things back on track.

Gabby was selected JasonFor her one-on-1 date in Paris. This involved Gabby getting fitted for custom berets and kissing on a carousel. It also included deep dives into why Jason likes to keep things close to the vest. Although their conversation was awkward and a bit slow, Gabby gave Jason her rose. 

Love blossoms in Paris!

When it came time for Gabby’s group date, her guys did their best to fight for her love—quite literally. Before they could start to fight, the group was shown how to do French boxing (called savate) and then had their hands in it. But it was the outside action that attracted the most attention. 

Rachel and her friends arrived to witness the celebrations, but the men were much more interested Rachel in boxing than Rachel. She broke down when they refused to give her time. “I don’t know why I feel more insecure, more desperate on the side of being The Bachelorette than I did being on the side of being a contestant on Clayton‘s season. Truly, he made he feel more wanted than these guys make me feel.”

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