Why Selena Gomez and Chris Evans are considered to be dating


Rumours about a possible romance have been flying recently Selena GomezAnd Chris Evans, but as more time has gone by and the pair haven’t been seen together, some are wondering if this was just a hunch gone wrong. 

After Evans’s death, fans began to suspect that Evans and Evans were spending time together. Only Murders in the House Instagram: star Gomez calling out the 2015 clip Captain America Actress her celebrity crush then came back, fueling the dating-rumor fire. She says in the video: “I kind of have a crush on Chris Evans. Isn’t he cute? He’s very cute.” 

Shortly thereafter, images appeared on Twitter that showed the two of them leaving a studio together. But those were fake. 

A Clue In Evans’ Insta Post

However, some fans are still holding out hope for a romance between the two, and they’re looking to Evans’ Instagram account for proof. The actor has recently started posting clips of himself playing the piano, and some eagle-eyed viewers think they’ve spotted Gomez in his latest video. 

Some claim they can see the reflections of dark-haired people in the piano’s shiny surface. They wonder if this could be true. Wizards of Waverly Place star.

Is Gomez Wearing His Sweater? 

Gomez accidentally started the rumor-mill again herself when she went to Taylor Swift, a longtime friend, perform on. Saturday Night Live last weekend. The “Shake It Off”Gomez posted a TikTok, in which he was seen wearing a white cable knit sweater. Quickly, viewers realized that Evans was wearing the same sweater as Evans. Knives out

Many people claim that Evans and Gomez have been together for years, but there is no evidence. While it is possible that the stars are actually dating, only time will tell. However, all indications point to this being a fabrication by overenthusiastic fans. 

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