Why Thanksgiving Turkeys Will Cost More This Season


As we approach Thanksgiving, the cost of the beloved bird is going to be higher than usual, and some popular holiday food items might not even be on the shelves due to stocking issues.

Inside Edition visited Double Brook farm in New Jersey, where turkeys will cost double what they did a year ago due to  higher demand and lower production, thanks to the disruption of the supply chain.

Fox News also reported that the prices for side dishes will increase by 5%.

Non-food items, such as aluminum pans, will see a price increase.

Stew Leonard from the namesake shop has some tips to help you save money this season. “plan your meal, have a list and stick to it.”

Leonard says it is cheaper to buy the ingredients for your sides and make them yourself rather than buying prepared food items.

Food blogger Dina Deleasa-Gonsar has already made her list and tells Inside Edition a tip that she wants all to know — start shopping now.

“Once you make you list, you can go shopping in your pantry. Take inventory so you’re not overbuying,”She said. “Big-ticket items like your pumpkin and your sweet potatoes you wanna start early. You don’t wanna go to the store and the shelves are empty.”

She saves money by cooking the turkey legs instead.

She also recommends making your own desserts instead of buying cookies and pies at a bakery.