Why the Royal Family Wears Poppies on Their Lapels


Recently, the Prince and Princess of Wales made an appearance at a community centre. Some royal fans noticed that they wore matching accessories. What do the red flower pins Prince William wore and what does it signify?

The Prince And Princess’ Visit To Community Center

William and Middleton visited Scarborough’s The Street, a community center that hosts local businesses so they can grow and develop. The royal couple was there to announce funding for mental health services that young people need. 

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Middleton wore a monochromatic, beige look that matched her dress, coat and purse. The prince wore navy pants, matching blazer and burgundy sweater. Both royals wore bright red poppies on their lapels. 

Why The UK Adopted the Poppy As A Symbol For Remembrance

These flower pins aren’t just decorative. Poppies are used in the UK to show support for British Armed Forces and to remember those who died while serving their country. The poppy was first worn by British citizens after WWI. 

The European battles left only dirt and mud behind. There were no flowers or plants of any kind—except for the bright red poppies. These resilient flowers inspired Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, who wrote a poem. “In Flanders Field.”

Moira Michael, an American academic, was inspired by his poem to advocate for the poppy’s adoption as an international symbol for the fallen soldiers of WWI. The poppies were widely sold in the UK, where they still are. 

The first year the poppy pins were sold, over £106,000 were raised for veterans needing homes or jobs. Millions of poppies are now created each year by ex-servicemen who are disabled and distributed to UK citizens. 

Poppies were worn by the Royal Family in the past

The poppy pins are usually seen leading up to Remembrance Day (a British Commonwealth commemoration day that falls on November 11). Typically, poppies are worn by members of the royal family when they make public appearances prior to Remembrance Day. 

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In the days leading to the official memorial, the Prince and Princess of Wales will honor the fallen soldiers of the armed forces by wearing the scarlet poppy on their outfits. 

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