Why this doctor uses Scorpion Venom for his patients


What if scorpions were to crawl all over your 3-year old child? One Afghan doctor doesn’t seem to mind and neither does his daughter.

Muhammad Shirzad, a practitioner of an alternative form of medicine, has been practicing it since 1974. This tradition was passed down from his family for many generations.

He collects the venom from snakes, scorpions, and other reptiles and uses it for treatment of his patients in Afghanistan.

He says that although many people fear these animals, their venom is healing.

He claimed to have treated many patients suffering from all kinds of illnesses, including epilepsy and pigmentation.

If you find scorpions to be scary, you might be put at ease by how comfortable Shirzad is around them, handling them with bare hands and even letting them on his children. He also claims to live with them occasionally.

Although it wasn’t immediately obvious if his treatments were effective, he is still able to keep his business afloat thanks to the loyal patients who continue to come back for treatment.  

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