Why was the New York River Rumbling and Bubbling? Mysterious Marvel Stumps Environmentalists


Strange bubbles have wreaked havoc on the shoreline of New York’s Hudson River, leaving state environmentalists baffled.

The strange phenomenon looked like boiling water and was accompanied last week by black smoke rising from the river.

The strange sight was first noticed by a Rockland County resident last week while he was walking his morning walks.

Owen Cramsie, who’s lived 35 near the river for 35 years, says he took video of the roiling, noisy water and sent it to Riverkeeper, a nonprofit group that monitors and takes care of the river.

Riverkeeper then sent it to the DEC.

“I see vigorous bubbling along the shoreline. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. I’ve been around the water my whole life,”John Lipscomb is an environmental expert at Riverkeeper. CBS News.

The area affected is close to a power plant that uses natural gas for energy.

“At this point, we don’t know that it’s anything more than just air. It’s really just a mystery to be solved. It’s not a problem for the environment. But it is important to know what it is,”Lipscomb spoke.