Why You Should Be Using a Facial Steamer


If you’re on the fence about checking out this steamer, check out some of these 5-star Amazon reviews from fans of the product.

A shopper shared, “I use this product at least once a week! Works better and gets warmer than I expected, and I’ve definitely noticed my skin get shinier, smoother, and have clearer pores as a result! You really can’t beat the price for a product that works this well, and I love the little extractor tool kit it comes with! Would purchase again, even as a gift!”

Another said, “I love this! It was the best purchase I made last year. I have used it about 3 times for giving myself a facial and also used it as a vaporizer while I had a cold. It’s amazing. The tools are also a great plus.”

A happy customer declared, “This is so worth the money… for starters it is a humidifier so that alone people pay money for. Second if you struggle with sensitive skin or acne like I do then I highly suggest you purchasing this. Also my niece is struggling with acne now and I’ve used this on her and I promised her skin visually looked better within 2 days. The tool that come with this is awesome. The warm mist that opens your pores when you use the facial part is so awesome. I haven’t use the warm towel part yet but I eventually know I will. Overall…. Money well spent.”

An Amazon shopper said, “I love using this Nano Steamer! Gives a good amount of hot steam, which helps opening up my pores for easy blackhead/whitehead extraction. I tried a different brand facial steamer before and was completely unsatisfied – it barely gave any steam and wasn’t hot enough. This Nano Steamer does exactly what it’s supposed to do! It’s almost like having a mini sauna at home”

“I love how well it works. When I drape a towel over head, it works fantastically. I like the height design. The other steamers I have used in the past were too low. I also love the feature of a warm towel which is innovative and useful,” a customer review said. 

“DON’T DELAY- NANO STEAMER TODAY,” a reviewer wrote, elaborating, “I now have a newfound obsession and love for pores. Why? This nano-steamer beats all steamers as its vast area of steam output covers ear to ear — forehead to chin for a full coverage and effortless clean. No wash cloth or facial cleanser or serum or even clay mask can produce optimum results without nano-steaming first. You MUST open your pores with steam first and then cleanse, mask, exfoliate, etc. and this NANO-STEAMER DELIVERS. I am a steamer junkie anyway but this steamer makes me happy because of the quality and it’s obvious creation and design from an equally committed steamer.”

A satisfied customer said, “This is a great steamer! It really opens up the pores. I love how it has a nice strong steam, just make sure you keep your face at a safe distance. Most people do not like to wash their face before steaming, but I personally like to wash my face before I steam. I steam my face and when I am done, then I use a blackhead extractor to get all of the dirt out of my pores, apply a good mask, then serum, then a moisturizer or oil. I know it sounds like a lot to do but it is worth it! My skin tone looks brighter and is very soft. I highly recommend this product!!”