Wild Video Shows Mystery Man leaping across NYC Rooftop Ledges


On the 23rd floor of an old New York City skyscraper, a man wearing a suit was seen running between exterior ledges.

Video of the mystery daredevil standing on a corner section the roof during the rain outside.

He seemed to be taking pictures with his phone.

The man ran down a penthouse rooftop on a slope and then jumped onto several others before opening a door and climbing in. 

This wild spectacle took place in an elegant residential building built in 1905 and located near Wall Street.

The video was shot by Erik Ljung, an Emmy-nominated cinematographer. The guy was walking along the street while he was filming.

“He didn’t look distressed at all. He looked real comfortable up there,” Ljung said. “He was making a call, he was taking pictures. Then he got right back to the window he popped out of.”

According to one report the man was a contractor looking for a skylight that was leaky.


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