Will Forte’s Hosting Debut is Broken by 3 Special Guest Stars


Will Forte finally got the chance to host Saturday Night LiveHe felt overshadowed this weekend by several major A-list celebrities Forte joked during his opening monologue that he was “bitter”Why wait so long to host? SNL It was especially surprising after having seen so many of his former co stars host episodes multiple times. Kristen Wiig followed him behind as he spoke.

Forte began his monologue by naming names, including Bill Hader and Andy Samberg, Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen. He noted that they had all worked together but that each of them had been asked to host before him – in some cases, multiple times. “But now, it’s finally my turn,”As Wiig appeared behind him, he said the following: He pretended that he was mistaken for the crowd’s raucous cheers.

Forte then turned to the crowd for a question, and called on SNL creator Lorne Michaels. Michaels informed him that there was a mistake and that Willem Dafoe would host the episode. Forte was briefly apologised by Dafoe.

After Wiig made Forte appear to be on top of his monologue in the first sketch, she stayed around and did two more sketches. She appeared in all three sketches. “MacGruber”Along with Ryan Philippe, sketches. Philippe was not cast on the show. SNLForte was certainly amused by his presence.

For a sketch called “Sketch,” Wiig was joined by Forte again. “Jackie & Clancy.”It featured an eccentric duo of country music musicians reuniting after a long break and selling their new album via infomercial. Kenan Thompson introduced them as a character named Kenan Thompson. “Jevner Keeblepooble.”

Forte comes from one of the most revered classes in history. SNL Stars in recent memory. Forte’s 12 year absence from the show was a surprise to some commenters. It was almost like he was back in the same place. SNL Only recently, it was closed.

Forte’s future is now closer to home SNL Since he started working on the original Peacock series, it is better than ever before MacGruber. The idea and character were created as an SNL Sketch evolved into a movie spinoff in 2010 and became sketch. It was an underrated cult movie for years. Last year, it was finally made into a TV program.

MacGruber The series premiered on December 16th with eight episodes. His SNL Monologue. Forte faked an audience member by saying: “I would like to officially announce that MacGruber has been picked up for Season 2. I would like to announce that, but it hasn’t been picked up yet, so I can’t. You know, we’re waiting to hear.”

MacGruber Season 1 is available now on Peacock. However, there are no details about the future. SNL You can also stream it on Hulu. SNL Next Saturday, at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.