Will Smith Allegedly Upset Over Chris Rock’s Past ‘Flirtation’Jada Pinkett, Sketchy Source Speaks


It is Will Smith actually jealous of Chris Rock and Jada Pinkett‘s romantic history? One tabloid claims Rock and Smith’s rivalry runs much deeper than the now-infamous Oscars slap. Here’s what we know.

Oscars Night Was ‘Final Straw’ For Will Smith?

The latest edition of OK! reports things are tenser than ever between Will Jada Pinkett Smith. Rumors of an open marriage and the revelation of Jada’s “entanglement” with August Alsina back in 2020 have complicated the Smiths’ public image in recent years. Sources claim that the couple were in serious financial trouble long before Will’s famous Oscars night, where he slapped Chris Rock for making a joke on Jada.

“Will and Jada have weathered a lot of storms,”An insider explains. Will believed Jada had been with Rock. “flirtation”Behind the scenes as they worked on the animated film in 2005 Madagascar. “Jada has promised that nothing ever happened between her and Chris, but there is still a ton of animosity on Will’s part because he feels like Chris really disrespected him at the time,”The tipster will reveal. “That’s the reason he snapped.”

What happened before the Oscars?

The truth of Will Smith’s now-infamous Oscars slap is far less complicated than the tabloid makes it out to be. It’s true that there was a bit more to the story when it came to the rivalry between Will and Rock—but it isn’t because Will feared he and Jada had an affair. 

Chris Rock is a Jabs at Jada pinkett Smith have a long history. Back in the ’90s, Rock made a joke about her role in the Million Woman March on his Chris Rock Show. Then Rock made another joke at Jada’s expense during his 2016 Oscars monologue. It’s totally possible that Rock’s history of ribbing the Smiths could have contributed to the escalation we witnessed at this year’s Oscars ceremony.

But the notion that Will ever suspected anything romantic was going on between Jada and Chris Rock is absolutely ridiculous. But it doesn’t even matter. Madagascar was completely animated—Rock and Jada didn’t physically do much work together. To promote it, they only did one interview. Will had plenty of motivation for losing his temper Oscars night, and there’s absolutely no need to convolute the story with unfounded jealousy rumors.

The Tabloids on Jada Pinkett and Will

This is far from the first tabloid to speculate about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett’s home life. This was earlier this month. In Touch reported that the Smiths’ marriage was hanging on by a thread. Then, the Globe Pinkett claimed that Smith was being served with a $400 million divorce. Then, there was the recent National EnquirerPinkett claimed Smith was being forced to go to therapy by Pinkett. Clearly, the tabloids have had a field day speculating about the Smiths’ marriage since Oscar night, and OK! is no exception.