Will Smith Allegedly Wanted $400M Divorce.


Are you Will And Jada pinkett SmithAre they unable to save their marriage? According to the tabloids, this year’s Oscars ceremony was the final nail in the coffin for their tumultuous marriage. Let’s check in on the Smiths.

Will Smith’s Marriage ‘Hanging By A Thread’?

Last month Touch reported that Will Smith’s outburst on Oscars night was a long time coming. According to reports, tensions between the couple had been building for years and Will snapped when Chris Rock joked about Jada. “Some people think Will is scared to death of Jada, and when he saw her hurt reaction, he overcorrected trying to defend her,”Insider dish. “It’s no secret their marriage has been hanging by a thread, and after years of rumors about affairs and lies, he exploded.”

While it was true that the Smiths’ marriage has been under some intense public scrutiny for a while now, no one can say what exactly pushed Will to act that night. But the outlet’s speculative and hurtful claims about Will being “scared of Jada”Their marriage “hanging by a thread”They were not substantiated. They only muddy water around Smiths.

Jada to Face $400M Divorce

Then, Globe reported that Will’s reckless behavior on Oscars night was a result of his long-withering pride and masculinity. Apparently, Jada’s past “entanglement”Will was desperate to save what little dignity he had left with August Alsina. “Will felt Chris was mocking him and sneering at how emasculated he’s become,”Confidentiality is key for a tipster “In private, this is a huge embarrassment, especially for Jada.” Finally, the outlet notes that Will’s fortune would be at stake if he and Jada did end up separating since they never signed a prenup.

We were not surprised by this story. Since the now-infamous Oscars slap is surely going to go down in pop-culture history, it would be unbelievable if the tabloids weren’t using this drama to cry “divorce.” But the truth is that the Smiths always displayed a united front—even throughout Jada’s “entanglement.” So, we just weren’t seeing any reason to buy into this story just yet.

Jada Forcing Will To Take To Therapy?

Finally, National Enquirer Reports indicate that Oscars Night was a wakeup call for Smiths and Jada was encouraging Will to act. “Will’s temper has been an issue for years, as has his ego, which took a huge hit when Jada’s affair became public,”A snitch whispered. “Jada’s drawing a line: Get help—or we’re through.”

However, we didn’t have any reason to believe the story more than the others. While it’s totally possible that Will sought anger counseling, we would have absolutely no way of knowing. He A trip to India for spiritual reasons a month after the slap, but there’s been no talk about anger management or divorce. This tabloid doesn’t know Will, it doesn’t know Jada, and it certainly doesn’t know their friends. So, it’s just ludicrous to wave around such personal details as fact when they are completely unsubstantiated.

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