Willie Geist officiates a Live Wedding in Elvis Presley


The Today ShowMonday’s Halloween episode of’s featured a Las Vegas-style wedding with Willie Geist, dressed in an Elvis Presley costume, officiating. Eleanor Molver married McKay Blanchard live on television at Rockefeller Center. The rest of this articleToday ShowCrew donned elaborate costumes and showed off what NBC’s make-up and wardrobe departments can do.

Molver suggested that something special was about to happen for her wedding Sunday Instagram. She shared photos of Blanchard and herself having the time of our lives in Times Square. “On Tuesday morning McKay and I were asked if we would get married on the Today Show,”Molver wrote. “On Saturday we got flown out to New York. And tomorrow we’re tying the knot with Hoda & Jenna.”Molver also assured her loved ones that she would continue to have a traditional ceremony on Nov. 5th.

Pre-wedding videoBlanchard and Molver both 22, shared that they had no expectations of a relationship blossoming when they met. After a cross country road trip with friends, they saw each other differently and began to see the good in one another. “Most people think we’re crazy for getting married so young, but I feel so confident in making this big decision,”Molver said. “My life is so much better with him in it.”

After getting engaged in July, the couple decided that they wanted to elope. They even considered marrying in Las Vegas. They were able to do so, fortunately. Today ShowUtah residents waited, though, thanks to the team!

“You are more than I could have ever hoped for,”Blanchard said this to Molver as she was walking down the aisle. “You took that impossible list of qualities, attributes, and talents that I was looking for and not just met them all, but you exceeded them.”

Blanchard was told by Molver that she loved him. “so big that I just want to shout it from the rooftops. This is probably the closest thing I’ll get to do that.”They exchanged rings, and then they said their goodbyes. “I do’s.”Geist reminded them both that they had “promised to love and cherish one another throughout your lives,”Then, pronounce them “husband and wife.”

The Today ShowIt was Halloween, as it is every year. Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie both dressed in costumes inspired by Cirque du Soleil’s show O. Jenna Bush Hager was dressed as Celine Dion while Al Roker looked just like Sammy Davis Jr. Craig Melvin dressed as Muhammad Ali while Carson Daly and Dylan Dreyer were David Copperfield and Adelaide Herrmann. Sheinell Jones was a Las Vegas showgirl. Kristen Welker and Peter Alexander were dressed as Ben Affleck, and Jennifer Lopez.

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