Willie Nelson allegedly preparing his children for his death, making final plans amid reported health issues


Willie NelsonThis year, he turns 89. One report says he’s preparing his final arrangements and is preparing his kids for his inevitable demise. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Willie’s End Is Always On His Mind!’

The following is an extract from the National EnquirerNelson is now teaching his children how to run a cannabis business so that it can survive his passing. Nelson has nine children with four women. His health has changed in the last few months. Due to decades of smoking and drinking, he was experiencing breathing difficulties and was constantly thinking about his demise.

“He won’t be around forever,”An insider’s view. “That’s one of the reasons he’s been inviting his kids on the road with him, to teach them everything he can.”Micah Nelson and Lukas Nelson remain by their side. Source: “When he goes it’ll be on his terms, with cannabis oil and a smile on his face!”

Strange Advertisement

This story almost sounds like a very odd advertisement for Nelson’s brand of CBD oil. This is a very short article that appears four times. For the record, he doesn’t just sell oil. Willie’s Remedy sells everything from black tea, coffee, and balm as well. Gossip Cop seriously doubts that Nelson is that involved in the brand’s day-to-day operations, but who can say for sure.

Nelson seems to be a dying man obsessed with his final days, but he is keeping very busy. This outlet would have you believe that Nelson can’t breathe, yet he’s still Take the roadIn 2022. Nelson is frequently by his children’s side because they’re musicians as well.

This is a terrible story. Nelson is 88, and it’s natural that he could be making arrangements regarding his music and brands after his death. That doesn’t mean there’s a specter hanging over him or anything; it’s just a sensible thing to do. This tabloid traffics in stories about dying celebrities, so it’s obviously just trying to profit off Nelson’s age.

Why does this sound familiar?

Back in September, this tabloid promised that Nelson’s days were numbered. He’s still going, so that was bogus. Gossip CopAlso, the Get in touchThis article claims Nelson will retire from the road. These so-called insiders shouldn’t be taken seriously as he has many dates around the U.S. in 2022.

This story is very similar to another one from the same outlet. It claimed that Celine Dion was in a state of dissolution and had begun final arrangements. It’s as if the tabloid just swapped some names and exchanged a bogus story about weight issues for a weed advertisement. Nelson should be allowed on tour with his children without restriction. Get in touchYou are the grim reaper. It’s disrespectful and unnecessary.

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