Willow’s SNL Performance Splits Viewers


Willow made her debut solo performance as Saturday Night Live musical guest last night, Oct. 8, with host Brendan Gleeson. The daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith performed two songs from her album COPINGMECHANISM. In “curious/furious,” Willow showed off her guitar skills along with some R&B-rock fusion. The 21-year-old artist was a hit during her second song. “ur a stranger,”She shouted into a microphone, smashing her guitar into a TV screen prop, and then she screamed into it. COPINGMECHANISM Follow-up to 2021 Lately I Feel Everything, Avril Lasvigne and Travis Barker featured on this album. Willow’s new album featured the only appearance of Yves Tumor, an indie band.

On InstagramWillow shared this picture with her leather-clad band just a few hours before she went live. SNLWith the caption “It’s called historybeingmade.com.”She performed her song on Camilla Cabello’s sketch show last season. “Psychofreak” together. Willow’s appearance Saturday Night Live follows her tour with Machine Gun Kelly and Avril Lavigne, in which the artists showcased their passion for pop-punk. The intense showcase generated mixed reactions from social media users. Some praise Willow for her dedication and love of punk, while others criticize Willow as a recipient of nepotism. For more opinions from Twitter, read on.


America’s comment was the most amusing. Catmander-In-Chief, Willow Biden. “I was wondering why Marine One didn’t show up to take my to NY last night’s. #SNL. Then I saw Willow the singer on the show. This happened after I had approved THE DECISION MEMO! Fair warning: I will be seeking answers at the Monday morning staff meeting.


“Destined to music stardom”

She was praised by a long-time fan, who tweeted: “Willow Smith getting rock star on. Attended the event @afropunkA few years ago, she knew she was meant to be a music star.


‘It wasn’t lit’

For one tweeter, Willow impressed even the older generation. “I am watching SNL now with my grandpa, Willow Smith and just here screaming. It was still very lit. My papa said #Grunge.” 😂😂😂😂


‘The punkest music played on that stage in decades’

Even so, some viewers were pleased with her performance. “I knew nothing of Willow Smith’s music going into SNL last night and came out thinking that was the punkest music played on that stage in decades. I thought she was great!”


‘Glad that’s over with’

An unimpressed Twitter user wrote, “Hmmmm….. #SNL . About as thrilled w/ musical guest ‘Willow’ as I was when they had on Solange a few years ago. Having a ‘relative’ in the entertainment field is ALL U need to get on SNL. What is Willow screaming & yelling about in this song?!? Whew….glad that’s over with.”



Another posted, “#willow on #snl is ROUGH. it’s that thing when you have too much money and privilege so no one will tell you that you’re not good at something. And she’s definitely not #onename status.”


‘I feel bad for bands that work hard to make it’

One user was too disgusted from what they felt was the nepotismOn display. “Literally the only reason willow was able to perform on snl was her dad and mom.. I feel bad for bands that work hard to make it to that stage playing the smallest bars from the start”


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