Wisconsin Town’s 40-Foot Snowman Welcomes Winter Visitors


It would feel like a warm welcome if only it wasn’t so cold.

To greet visitors to Minocqua, Wisconsin’s town, a 40-foot tall snowman was built. It’s a community effort to put Snowmy together and involves heavy equipment and a lot of planning.

It is affectionately called Snowmy Kromer and was named after Stormy Kromer (a Michigan hat company that made a size94 hat for the snowman).

Snowmy hasn’t been seen since 2019 and is only made possible by massive amounts of snow.

“Obviously we rely on mother nature for that and she has outdone herself this year,”Krystal Wildfahl, executive Director of the Let’s Minocqua Visitors Bureau told reporters. “He gets filled up with a backhoe and a bunch of guys coming out to, I like to call it stomping the grapes. They push all the snow down around the edges.”

If you’ve never heard of Minoqua before, seeing Snowmy might make you want to get to know the place a little better.

“It’s great for tourism. People love to come and see him,”Westfahl added.


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