With 11 passengers on board, plane crashes without ‘no survivors most likely’


A plane carrying 11 people crashed into a tree during a storm.

It is unlikely that any of 11 passengers survived the crash near Nanga Eboko (Centre Province in Cameroon).

Authorities claim that the tragedy happened on Wednesday, May 11 at approximately 2pm (local)

A major storm hit the country’s capital Yaoundé late in the afternoon, causing the plane to lose signal after it took off from the city’s Nsimalen airport.

Ernest Ngalle Bibehe, Cameroon’s Transport Minister, confirmed that the plane lost contact with air traffic control.

The plane went down at around 2pm (local time) on Wednesday (May 11)
The plane crashed on Wednesday, May 11, at 2pm local time.

According to reports, authorities sent both land and air rescue teams after the plane disappeared. CNA.

Although rescue teams are now at the wreckage, it is highly unlikely that anyone will make it out alive.

Although authorities have yet to reveal the airline that the plane belongs to, they released images of the site.

Unidentified ministry officials said the plane was missing. “crashed”Rescuers were also available “trying to see if it’s possible to save anyone”.

Cameroon24 reported the crash killed all survivors, but official sources have not confirmed this.

Plane carrying 11 passengers crashes in forest with 'no survivors likely'
According to authorities, it’s unlikely that anyone survived.

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Now, a list of names has been made available of all those aboard: “Dicka Endalle Estelle, Kesseng Jean Charles, Pewite Nkwenti Serge, Tchehou Tchakounte Serge, Asu Rudolf, Baban Andre, Kouayep Armand, Ndanjo Gadinga Celetsine Tchatua Ernest.”

Some are airline employees, while others are workers for Cameroon Oil Transportation Company. (COTCO), the private firm that chartered and operated the plane according to official reports.

COTCO maintains an oil pipeline running between Cameroon, Chad and the neighbouring Chad.

Cameroon’s worst-ever air disaster since 2007 when a Kenya Airways plane carrying 112 people crashed at Douala Airport. There were no survivors.

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