With the steep rise in injuries from fireworks, how can you stay safe this July 4th?


A federal report has revealed that fireworks are killing more Americans than ever. It’s a danger important to be aware of, especially around July Fourth. Even sparklers that are so popular among children come with a warning.

In 2020, there were over 15,500 injuries and 18 deaths reported — a 50% increase since 2019, according the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

A firecracker called the M-80 was used to explode inside a chicken during a demonstration under the control of the Connecticut State Police Fire and Explosion Investigation Unit.

“The flesh of chicken is similar to that of a human hand. Look what that firecracker did to a 5-pound chicken. Just imagine what it would do to the bones of your hand,”  Sgt. Paul Makuc stated.

Michael Sexton claims he can relate. Inside Edition is told by Sexton that a firecracker similar to his last year exploded when he ignited it. The accident caused him to lose the tips three fingers.

“It is reckless. You never know when it can go wrong,”Sexton spoke.

The No. 1 fireworks safety rule is to always keep a safe distance — at least 35 to 50 feet — between yourself and the fireworks, Makuc said.

Makuc explained that although sparklers might look great, children should be supervised as they can reach temperatures exceeding 1,200 degrees.

One expert recommends giving children bamboo sparklers rather than metal ones. Bamboo isn’t as hot and as durable as metal.  

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