Witnesses claim Madeleine McCann was present with her before and during the disappearance


The German witness, who lived in Portugal in 2007, claims that Christian Brueckner was miles from Praia Da Luz in Portugal when Madeleine McCann vanished from a resort there

It is reported that a new witness has been identified in the case against Missing Madeleine McCann. She claims to have been with the prime suspect shortly before and after her disappearance.

According to reports, the new witness insists that Christian Brueckner was calm during her time with him. She also claims they were stopped and interrogated by police for no suspicious activity.

According to the German witness who lived in Portugal in 2007, Brueckner was far away from Praia da Luz, Portugal on the day Madeleine disappeared from a resort in that country.

A source told The Sun “She says she was not with him the day Madel­eine disappeared but spoke with him and again said he seemed normal.”

According to the source: “This ­testimony could be an issue.”

Just days earlier, German journalists investigating the case claimed to have discovered new information “shocking”This is evidence “heavily incriminates” Brueckner.

British youngster Madeleine was just three-years-old when she vanished from her parents’ holiday apartment in Portugal in 2007.

German prosecutors claim they have evidence that she is dead, and name Christian Brueckner, a convicted paedophile, as their sole suspect.

They have not yet charged him with any offense despite his public disclosure of the information in June 2020.

Now, however, a team from TV channel Sat.1 has given the evidence to detectives probing Brueckner’s infamous case.

Sat.1 investigators claim they have discovered new evidence linking Brueckner to the crime, which Brueckner denies.

They will share more details of their investigation in a prime time documentary that has yet to air.

Sat.1 announced the show by saying that journalist Jutta Rabe, along with a team of journalists, gathered more information about Brueckner.

They claim that it contains evidence that he was near Praia do Luz when Madeleine disappeared while her parents ate at a tapas restaurant.

According to the channel, they had collected “many new clues and indications”They also confirm the suspicions expressed by German prosecutors.