Woman accused of ‘Gaslighting’ Husband into Thinking He was Senile to Steal His Fortune


A Connecticut man named is accusing his second wife of deliberately making him think he was going senile, allegedly to steal his $600,000 in life savings. 

John Marino says Donna was his wife “gaslighting”He was tricked into believing he was losing control of his mind. 

“She cleaned me out. She really did a good job. Al Capone has nothing on this woman, let tell you,” Marino said.

This term is derived from the 1944 movie “Gaslight”Psychological manipulation is the act of manipulating someone psychologically to make them question their reality, memories, or perceptions. 

“She told me that I was going out in front of the house two or three times a week with almost no clothes on, and she had to go out and drive me back in at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning. Now I loved this woman, and I believed her. Why would I not? Why would somebody say something like that?” Marino said.

“She was drugging him. He remembered nothing,” said Marino’s daughter from his first marriage, who said she discovered the alleged scheme.

“She opened up at least 25 credit cards, and she would take all cash advances out on them. And where’s the money?” Marino’s daughter said.

Marino also said that Donna also stole his safe, which contained a collection containing silver dollars. 

The Marinos have been married 12 years. Donna will be going on trial for larceny, and forgery later in the month.

“She left me empty. She not only took my money, she took my spirit,” John Marino said. 

Donna has not yet made a plea. However, she is due to appear in court on May 24.