Woman Attacked by Bear While Fixing Hot Tub


A woman in Colorado says she was fixing her hot tub at 2 a.m. Wednesday when a bear came and charged at her, according to CBS News.

The woman, who lives in New Castle, about three hours west of Denver, went to fix the lid in the middle of the night after she says she saw it was ajar, Colorado Parks and Wildlife said in a statement.

The unidentified woman said a bear then charged and swiped at her, “severely lacerating” her arm before she escaped into her home and called 911, Colorado Parks and Wildlife said in a statement.

The woman was taken to a nearby hospital with a severe laceration and multiple scratches, according to reports.

When New Castle Police arrived on scene they reported a total of four bears, a sow and three cubs still in close proximity to the home and notified Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the organization said in a statement.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife instructed the police officer to shoot and kill the sow. New Castle PD was able to track down and kill the sow in a tree near the New Castle Middle School.

It remains unclear which bear attacked the woman, however, officials did determine that it most likely came from the sow and a cub.

“The decision was made to euthanize the bears. One cub was euthanized. Given the location of the two other cubs in the tree, along with the close proximity of a busy road and several homes, CPW made the decision to wait on euthanizing the other two cubs,” the Colorado Parks and Wildlife said in a statement.

The two remaining cubs were found and brought to a rehabilitation center, according to officials.


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