Woman baffled by enthusiastic dog’s ‘love language’ appeals for help online


The woman has vented her frustrations after her dog began vigorously licking her ears and armpits at any chance it gets – and has questioned whether this is normal behaviour for dogs

A woman has told how her dog has been making her cringe on a daily basis because it won’t stop licking her ears and armpits.

Sharing her unusual issue on Reddit, she said her dog will vigorously lick her ears and armpits at any chance it gets.

She complained she can no longer sit and relax on her sofa without being given a “wet willy” by her dog.

A wet willy is the term used to describe a person wetting their finger with saliva and poking it into somebody’s ear as a joke.

Venting her frustrations, she wrote: “Juno is really into licking armpits and ears. With or without deodorant, she is diving in there. She really likes ears, specifically the inside of ears.

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“She’ll snort and snuffle directly into my eardrum, and nibble my ear like corn on the cob as though she’s grooming me.”

The woman has been trying to divert her dog’s attention away from her ears and armpits – but says the dog looks “absolutely heartbroken and crestfallen” when told to back off.

“I really, really hate when she licks inside my ear – but she acts like I’m rejecting her love,” she said.

“I know all dogs lick, but I have never had a dog that licks so much and in such specific spots.

“I have two others who might once in a blue moon lick a leg or an arm, but Juno has always been a little more needy and affectionate.

“When she was a puppy she’d just lick you everywhere but in the last year she’s really zoned in on ears and armpits.”

Labelling her unusual behaviour as a “Juno-ism”, the woman is trying to accept her dog’s special type of love language.

She added: “Every pet has their quirks and this is hers. As she’s gotten older she’s chilled out more but still, I cannot sit by her without her going for the ears, then the pits, then snuggling down once she’s decided she’s given enough kisses.

“But my question is, why ears and armpits. Why?

“I endure it with a grimace because I don’t want to hurt her feelings but I’m still just like, what the f*** and is it normal?”

Unable to offer all that much in the way of advice, one user said: “Maybe because it’s where your scent is strongest? Only reason I can think of.”

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