Woman gets revenge on ‘cheating partner’ by throwing his belongings out the window


A teenager has filmed her mum allegedly throwing her dad’s belongings out of the window and said it was because he was “having an affair”.

TikToker @tallybiss1 uploaded the clip of a woman standing next to an open upstairs window and throwing out clothes into the driveway below.

In the clip, uploaded two days ago on Sunday (February 13) Tahlia wrote on the screen: “POV [point of view] your dad’s having an affair.”

The footage was watched more than 230,000 times and many viewers offered their sympathy to the unhappy mum and her daughter, saying cheating was tough on families.

The mum throws items out of the upstairs window
The mum throws items out of the upstairs window

One user commented: “I hope ur both ok it can be so hard, I hope ur iconic mom gets better.”

“I hope she’s okay but yes go Material Girl queen,” said a second user.

Meanwhile, other people shared similar experiences of parents’ relationships breaking down while they were growing up.

A viewer commented: “My mum used to do this then burned the rest and u wonder where I get my psycho part of me.”

“Oh god the memories are flooding in,” said a second.

Someone else shared: “The fact my mum tried to do this but it got stuck on the tree at the front of my house.”

This comes after another social media user revealed they discovered their husband was cheating after finding a suspicious item in his suitcase.

The woman found a glittery pink false nail attached to one of his socks and decided to get revenge by putting it in his sandwich, leaving him fuming and protesting his innocence.

And a woman filmed a man watching pornography on a plane while sitting right next to his sleeping partner, sparking a debate on whether or not it was cheating.

Many people suggested the plane passenger mind her own business rather than being “nosy”.

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