Woman hails Shrek tattoo as an absolute “icon” after it was inked in tribute to her favorite film.


Shrek Superfan, one dedicated Shrek-loving superfan, has displayed her love for the animated classic movie with a scannable Tattoo that plays Smash Mouth’s All Star whenever it pleases her.

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Shrek fan receives tattoo of sound waves in honor of ‘All Star’

Tymarah Emily Shand’s friends often joke about their shared love for Shrek. Shrek is a 2001 anti-fairytale about a grumpy Ogre who opens up to the world after embarking upon a reluctant quest.

But, no one could have imagined that she would show her love for Dreamworks in such a permanent fashion. She chose to ink a Spotify Code on her arm in tribute.

A Spotify Code, which is similar to a QR-code and can be scanned to access Spotify tracks, is something you haven’t heard of.

The All-Star sequence will begin on Spotify when Tymarah’s wrist is scanned using a phone.

It works flawlessly, thankfully.

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Tymarah of Greenhithe in Kent stated: “I thought it was so funny and it actually worked! I just think the song and film is hilarious.

“I personally don’t think it will be something I regret. It’s only a few lines on my back, but I have quite a few tattoos. I’ve seen people get far worse tattoos!”

Shrek-mad Tymarah first saw the comedy adventure at the cinema as a child and declares she has been “Ever since, obsessed”, much to her friends’ amusement.

The eyelash technician explained: “It’s almost like a joke between me, my friends, that I like Shrek. We may have spoken about getting a Shrek tat once. I play the song whenever I’m driving for a while. This would be better than a Shrek tat because it is meaningful to me and my friends. Not just a Shrek tattoo.”

Tymarah had the unusual tat done at Sacred Empire Tattoo & Piercing in Tonbridge on Friday, January 14th. She’d initially booked in to have a Japanese dragon inked on her forearm, however, before getting out of the chair, she asked if the artist could also throw add the small Spotify Code tattoo on her upper arm.

Although it took a four-hour session to complete her dragon tattoo, it took just ten minutes for the artist, who is also a friend of Tymarah, to add the usable code. The artist made a stencil using a code Tymarah herself had screenshotted from her Spotify app.

According to Tymarah: “She knew I was crazy and didn’t blink an eyebrow! I don’t mind if the software is changed and it doesn’t work. It’s a tattoo that I have on my body and represents something. I also have other beautiful art pieces that I have tattooed on me, and I don’t think they have any meaning.”.

Tymarah believes that the ink will serve as “Reminding me of my friends, and our shared humour”, remarking that “Many people have matching tattoos done with their friends.”.

Looking ahead to the future, she added: “It will be hilarious to tell my grandkids or kids what the tattoo is about and then play the song. Many people have tattoos of TV or movie characters. I don’t believe this is unusual.”.

Tymarah has since posted a vid of her getting the tattoo on her TikTok, @itstymarah, clocking up almost 600k likes at the time of writing.

The video said: “You have made the best decision in your life.

“If every comment is “You are wrong” I’m going to die LOL.”

The comments were supportive and many people commented, even the official Spotify account. “you are an ALL-STAR”.

Tymarah reflected on her feelings about potential criticism of body art. “Personally I think people get super sensitive about other people’s tattoos, it’s not on your body so why would you care?”

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