Woman is stunned when a burglar breaks into her house and steals tortoise.


Police are investigating the theft of a tortoise from Swansea, while a woman hoovered.

George, the beloved pet, was taken away from Lynn Hurford on November 12. She noticed that it was gone only when her son called to ask where he was.

In retrospect, she said that her dogs were barking because someone was inside the house.

She shared her story Wales Online : “I had fed George and then gone upstairs to do some hoovering. About 45 minutes later, my son came to ask where George was, and I told him that he was on his heated mat where I’d left him.

“I went down stairs to show George but George wasn’t there.

Lynn and her neighbours have scoured every inch of the street looking for George
Lynn and her neighbors have searched every inch of the street in search for George.

“I was devastated, we are having renovations done on the house and our dogs have been barking non stop, so when they barked I thought nothing of it.

“Now, I realize they were likely barking at someone else in the house.”

Lynn and her neighbours have scoured every inch of the street looking for George, but Lynn is certain that George couldn’t have got out on his own.

She said: “George has been our dog since 2010 and has never left the house on his own.

“He doesn’t go outside in the winter and he doesn’t hibernate for medical reasons.

“He lives in our conservatory. When he was taken, the doors were closed. Even if he did get out, I’m certain that he wouldn’t have made it out of the secure garden. It has been secured from all sides for many years.

Lynn is certain that George, pictured with his dog siblings, couldn't have got out on his own
Lynn is certain George, as pictured with his dogs siblings, couldn’t have gotten away on his own.

“We’ve torn the street apart looking for him, our neighbours have been fantastic, they’ve looked in every nook and cranny and he’s nowhere to be found.

“We are devastated. George left a large hole in our family. Losing a pet is almost like losing a loved one.

“He’s got so much character, he comes straight to you when his name is called and he loves curling up alongside our dogs.”

Lynn shared a Facebook appeal for George, which has now amassed almost 3000 shares.

Lynn was tipped by a friend that her tortoise could have been spotted in Newport. This is just 60 miles away.

South Wales Police spokeswoman stated: “Police in Swansea are appealing for information following the theft of a pet tortoise from a house in the Three Crosses area.

“The theft occurred sometime between 4pm – 4.45pm on Friday, November 12.