Woman panics after hearing strange voices from her Furbo Dog camera


Angela Cuniberti, a Missourian, panicked when she heard a strange noise in her house. 

“I heard a man’s voice say, ‘hey, beautiful,'”She said. “I basically freaked out. I thought someone came into my house. My dog started barking like crazy.”

Soon, she discovered that her Furbo, which is a dog camera that can throw treats to pets even when you aren’t there, was the man’s voice. 

“I see this little red light, and I said that’s weird. It shouldn’t be on or anything at all,”She continued. “I went to take a closer look, and that’s when he started laughing.”

Scott Grannerman is a Webster University technology expert who warns of products that connect to the internet. 

“We put these little internet-connected chips in all these devices, and the problem is we’ve now opened up security problems everywhere,”He said.

Angela contacted the company and was informed via email that security is very important. The hacker most likely had access to Angela’s WiFi. 

“I haven’t used it ever since,” Angela noted. “I did contact the Furbo company, and they told me they could replace a new one, and I said not to because I’m not doing that anymore.”

Inside Edition Digital also reached Out to Furbo, but they did not respond.

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