Woman trusts boyfriend for acting like a singleton during dating show


A woman has asked her if she is a single person after she claims that her boyfriend is appearing as a single man on a reality dating show. “clown”Or they are “couple goals”.

Rika @riktok_on_tiktokShe worries about where her heart will be “broken into a million pieces”Then, he asks viewers what their thoughts are.

She said: “Hi my name is Rika, and my boyfriend is away for eight weeks filming a dating reality TV show where he is one of eight ‘single’ guys and there are eight ‘single’ girls stuck on an island together and they just film whatever happens.”

“I am one of the least jealous people I know, and I understand that most of this stuff is totally staged.

“Many people who know me and him realize how in love they are and how great this exposure is for his career. They have been supportive of this endeavor throughout.”

Rika asks people if they think she is doing the right thing
Rika questions people to find out if they believe she is doing the right things

On the other hand, she added: “Those that don’t know him, well let’s just say they’ve been less than supportive.”

Rika continues: “The show hasn’t aired yet. He doesn’t have his phone throughout filming so I have no idea what’s going on.

“I don’t believe I have the right to know everything.”

Finishing her video, she says: “All I do know is that either I am in a relationship that is extremely unique and a level of trust that is enviable by the gods, or I’m a dumba** whose heart is about to get broken into a million pieces.”

The TikToker says she really trusts her boyfriend
According to The TikToker, she trusts her boyfriend 100%

Since Rika uploaded it Tuesday, November 16th, more than 2,000,000 people have seen the video. In addition to that, thousands of people are commenting on it.

One viewer stated bluntly: “Girl…I’m embarrassed for you.”

Someone else suggested she “call the producers, show up and make a big scene, ‘How could you, I thought we were in love,’ get exposure for YOUR career.”