Women are protected by Power Rangers-dressed employees


Staff donned Power Rangers costumes at NōKA Ramen in California came to a woman’s rescue, according to reports. 

Staff at the restaurant were dressed as the fictional Power Rangers because NōKA Ramen serves a cocktail called “The Noka Rangers,” According to a user of TwitterOne person posted a topic about Friday’s situation.

“The craziest thing just happened at dinner,”In their first tweet, the user wrote. 

“I’m at a ramen shop owned by Thai people in Oakland dressed as power rangers, when a woman comes rushing in saying she wasn’t safe — and a man came running in after her and puts her in a chokehold.

“After the woman stated that she was not safe and that she didn’t want the man to take her home with him, the black power ranger (the manager who has a kickass haircut) and the yellow Ranger told the man to leave.” the tweet read.

“He made a swing at them. The rangers all yelled, “Huey!””

According to the tweet, the employee dressed as the Yellow Ranger then blocked the punch from the man and the other employees told the woman to hide in the kitchen.

Per the Twitter thread, the man began using racial slurs and tried to follow the woman into the kitchen, but the Yellow Ranger grabbed the man by his collar and removed him from the restaurant.

According to the social media account of the incident, patrons in the establishment tried to call the police, noting that many inside the restaurant were “shaking & crying.” 

The hostess — aka the Pink Ranger — told customers their food was “free.”

The Twitter user continued, sharing that the man began picking up “chairs, baby seats & salt + pepper shakers to throw at the windows,” before later returning with another person.

They were both locked out of the restaurant and one of their employees informed police. “that the man has now started another fight down the pier,” according to the tweet.

In response to the incident, NōKA Ramen shared a post on Instagram a day after, which featured a photo of staff members in their Power Rangers costumes.

“Our NōKA Rangers were real life heroes last night when an incident occurred 💛. Our heroic namesakes remind us that it’s more than just our costumes that gives us strength. It’s who and what we are inside that empowers us,” the post read.

“While we’re proud of our team for going above and beyond in our time of need, we would like to assure our guests that this event is an anomaly at our restaurant,”They continued.

“The safety of our guests and employees is of utmost importance to us. We are fully cooperating with the police in identifying the individual involved,” the restaurant added.

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