Women of the Movement Take a First Look at Emmett Till’s Mother’s Story


His name is spoken.

“His name is Emmett Till. I want people to know he is good boy,”Says mother and civil rights activist Mamie Till-Mobley(played and won by Tony winner Adrienne Warren() in a first glimpse clip of ABC’s new drama Women of the Movement.

The historical drama of six episodes, which premieres Jan. 6, will be based on Mamie’s real-life journey in which she sought justice to Emmett (as well as her own life).Cedric Joe). Emmett, who was accused of insulting a white grocery store cashier named Emmett, was murdered in Mississippi, August 28, 1955. Carolyn Bryant. He was only 14.

Glynn TurmanWho plays? Mose WrightThe clip shows that the series will be about a boy named John. “the Trayvon Martin of the 50s.”

Mamie decided to feel Emmett’s pain before the world. Mamie inspires a crowd in a church to note, “The death of my son has shown me that whatever happens to any of us had better be the business of all of us.”