Women Remain Vigilant About Safety as They Dedicate Their Runs to Murdered Runner Eliza Fletcher


Women across the nation are dedicating their runs to Eliza Fletcher, who was murdered after being abducted while on a pre-dawn jog in Memphis, Tennessee.  

The hashtag #RunForEliza has gone viral, as the running community, which held out hope she would be found alive, is now shaken by the discovery of Fletcher’s body.  

Lucy Loveless, a friend of Fletcher’s who is training for a marathon, became emotional as she urged everyone to keep her loved one’s memory alive. 

“I hope everyone dedicates their run today to Eliza,” she said.  

Personal safety expert Bill Stanton, author of “Prepared Not Scared,” shared tips on remaining safe while out for a run with Inside Edition reporter Alison Hall, an avid runner.  

“I see you have an AirTag; You want to make sure your significant other has those coordinates so they can track you,” he said.  

“We all wear the headphones; You maybe want to wear one… so you can have our head on a swivel and can hear what is coming,” he continued. 

Carry pepper spray, if it’s legal in your state, and keep it in your weaker hand so that your dominant hand is free to fight back.  

Runners in New York’s Central Park say they are hyper-vigilant in the wake of Fletcher’s murder and shared their own safety advice.  

“(Wear) something like an Apple Watch,” one runner said. “You can hit the emergency button right away.” 

Another noted they stay on open paths, “rather than the trails, which are more covered and isolated.” 

“The best defensive weapon is your common sense,” Stanton said. “Change your route up. If you see someone in your vision, that you feel funny about, change that route. And remember, you’re a runner: Run.”


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