Women use their own period blood to make DIY face masks


Given the title, you’re probably wondering: what in the Jeffrey Dahmer is going on here? And we’re thinking the same thing. TikTok can be a wonderful place to find new trends, but it can also be terrifying. Examples of this include the use period blood to make a face mask.

The menstrual masque has been a popular choice despite its oddity. Many people are willing to overlook the eww factor. Actually, it is actually quite useful. #periodbloodfacemaskMore than 3.5 million views on TikTok 

What are Period Masks? 

A period mask is a method of applying period blood to the skin. Those who follow the unusual beauty trend claim that while it’s strange, smearing blood onto their face has many advantages. After receiving nutrients from their blood, they claim that their skin has become glowing and clear. 

These unquestioning TikTokers believe whatever they want, but there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. In fact, a dermatologist created a follow-up video explaining why it’s bad for your skin, and possibly unsafe. 

As Dr. Joyce explains in her video, there are several reasons why people shouldn’t participate in this new facial trend. She mentions that the menstrual fluid used in this new trend is not collected in an sterile manner. The blood may contain bacteria, sweat, or other harmful substances. An infection is a serious condition. “down there,”She warns that you may transmit viruses and bacteria from your genital to your face.

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Dr. Joyce also denied that a menstrual mask could be used in a similar way to a PRP treatment. Kim Kardashian was famous for posting a photo of her bloody face to social media. “Period blood contains red blood cells but also white blood cells, platelets, bacteria because of contamination, sweat, shed of endothelial cells, dead skin cells,”She said.

The so-called “DIY Facial” is not like this DIY one. “vampire facial”A skincare treatment that is made from platelet-rich plasma. “We’re actually extracting blood in a sterile way from your veins and then spinning it down to only collect your platelets, taking out only red and white blood cells,”Dr. Joyce said. It sounds very similar but vampire facials are performed in a clinic setting without any contaminants. It is not recommended to attempt self-administration and collection.

Menstrual blood is not a cosmetic benefit and should not be applied to your face. There are many safe and clinically proven options for skincare that you can use instead of this dreadful beauty trend.

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