World News: A new Russian Navy ship is ‘limping back into port on fire following the Ukraine strike’


In an online posting, a spokesperson for Odesa’s regional military administration in southern Ukraine stated that Vsevolod Bobrov was struck near Snake Island

Reports claim that a Russian Navy vessel is returning to port after being set ablaze by Ukraine.

Ukrainian forces destroyed a Russian Navy logistics ship in Black Sea and set it ablaze, said a spokesperson for Odesa regional army administration in southern Ukraine.

Serhiy Bratchuk, a spokesperson, stated in an online posting that the Vsevolod Robertrov was struck near Snake Island. This is the scene of renewed fighting in the recent days.

“Thanks to the actions of our sailors, the Vsevolod Bobrov logistics vessel, one of the latest in the Russian fleet, caught fire.

“They state that it is heading to Sevastopol. According to Bratchuk, the information must be clarified.” Ukra News.

10ztalkBratchuk was quoted as saying: “As the result of the actions by our Navy, Vsevolod Robertrov logistics ship (one of the newest in Russia’s fleet) set on fire.

“They say she is limping toward Sevastopol.”

The tiny Snake island is located near the Ukraine-Romania sea border.

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