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Kayleigh Nicole Grant, 34 is a professional diver in Hawaii. She says that sharks are aggressive and bloodthirsty, and she wants people to reconsider swimming with them.

According to a marine biologist who has swam with great white sharks, they believe that their aggressive behavior is mythic.

Kayleigh Nicole Grant is a shark diver who claims that sharks are timid and wary of humans.

According to the 34-year old, who has lived in Hawaii for 10 year, the majestic creatures are generally harmless. The key to staying safe is learning their body language.

Kayleigh’s incredible underwater photos prove how close she is to sharks. One shot shows Kayleigh close to great white and tiger sharks while they dance in the water around her.

The diver hopes to share these stunning photos with the world to change perceptions about sharks. She says that attacks on humans are extremely rare.

Kayleigh Sun : “There is nothing quite like sharing space and coexisting with an apex predator that could cause you harm but chooses not to.”

She adds, “But we must not forget they.” “aren’t puppy dogs”.

Kayleigh claims she wants to share their beauty and is constantly humbled by sea creatures. However, Kayleigh wouldn’t risk her life.

“Even with the experience I have if I see their behaviour become agitated and more assertive, I will leave the water,”She elaborated.

Kayleigh hopes that more people will swim with sharks in future. Kayleigh has made it her life mission to save them since she began swimming with them nine-years ago.

She described it as “thrilling”And “captivating”She is not afraid of sharks and has never felt threatened or attacked by them. “close call”.

She shared tips on how to safely dive with animals.

Avoid splashing or drawing attention to yourself. It is important to remain calm.

Kayleigh says that if you have something between yourself and your animal, it’s helpful.

The diver explained that lightening strikes are more likely than being attacked by sharks.

Shark attacks are rare considering how many people swim in the ocean every day.

“It’s important to note that sharks have been here millions of years before us and that when entering their home we take a risk,”She continued.

It’s important that humans keep this in mind, just as you would take a chance by entering the bear den.

Kayleigh stated that this shouldn’t be a reason to scare or discourage people.

Kayleigh is fighting the shark fin trade that causes approximately 100 million shark deaths annually.

As a sign of status, shark fin soup is popularly eaten in China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.

Kayleigh noted that although sharks kill six to eight people every year, 100 million sharks are killed each year.

She believes that everyone has a responsibility for sharks and their reputations.

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