Would You Like to Drink Sparkling Water Balsamic Vinegar Sparkling Water Dentists Alarm over ‘Healthy Cocake’ TikTok Trend


The latest TikTok trend is now called “healthy coke,” but dentists are sounding the alarm about its potentially caustic effects on your precious pearly whites.

The concoction — sparkling water and a splash of balsamic vinegar over ice — was started by Amanda Jones. It was recommended by Amanda Jones, a pilates instructor, as a healthier choice to real coke.

It became a common practice, and everyone tried it soon. “Today”Hoda and Jenna Bush Hager were hosts, as was Giada and Giada De Laurentiis, the Italian chef. The taste tests were mixed. 

The American Dental Association has issued a warning that the association should be called “unhealthy coke.”According to the ADA “frequent consumption”The drink can also cause liver problems. “tooth erosion.”

“I would not recommend doing this on a regular basis,”Dr. Kantor is a New York City dentist. Brain Kantor, said.

Kantor states that Kantor’s so-called “healthy”It could cause more tooth decay than regular soda.

“Having both balsamic vinegar, which is highly acidic, and having a soda water, which is also acidic — having two different ingredients that are very acidic is not great for your teeth,”Kantor stated.

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