Yankees’ Aaron Judge and Roger Maris tie for the home run record


The New York Yankees Aaron Judge just made baseball history.

The 30-year old hit his 61st homerun of the season in a Sept. 28 match against the Toronto Blue Jays. Officially tied the score. Roger Maris‘ American League record. Judge hit a ball from the 7th inning. Tim MayzaOver the Rogers Centre’s left field wall

Prior to Maris Babe Ruth held the record with 60 single-season home runs in 1927.

Judge still has seven games to go before he can surpass Maris’ 1961 season record for the most home runs. He’ll need to have a dozen more hit singles if Judge wants to match the 1961 Maris record. Barry BondThe MLB record for single-season home runs in a season is 73 by’s MLB player, and was set in 2001 during the controversial league’s reorganization. “steroids era,”per ESPN.

Judge could still make history, but that doesn’t mean Judge won’t. Bonds predicted recently that Judge would be able make more home runs after his 61st hitting. 

Try to reach that 61 is the hardest one,” he told the outlet on Sept. 26. “Trying to get to that one. Once he gets to it, he’s probably going to hit five or six in a row after that. But trying to get to there, that’s the hardest one, that 61 is going to be the hardest. It’s a big moment on 61.”

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