Yolanda Hadid shares her struggle with Lyme Disease Relapse and Depression


Yolanda concluded, “I am excited to be back and see what you’ve all been up too.” 

Her message attracted support from loved ones and fans. Gigi, 26, “liked” her post, while Bella, 25, commented, “We love you.”

In February, Yolanda, also a mom to son Anwar Hadid, 23, opened up about her long and difficult battle with Lyme disease in an interview with British Vogue.  

“I can’t begin to describe the darkness, the pain and the hell I lived through every day,”She told the outlet. “For some time, it didn’t even feel like living at all. This disease brought me to my knees. Many nights I wished to die, and prayed I would just be free of the pain. If it weren’t for my children, I don’t think I would be here today.” 

The mom of three isn’t alone—both daughter Bella and son Anwar also struggle with the chronic illness too.  

“Like with many chronic diseases and mental health issues, the unfortunate truth is that you appear to be healthy on the outside, which is difficult for people to reconcile,”She shared. “It’s much easier for us to have compassion for somebody with visible external symptoms. Most people still don’t seem to believe that chronic Lyme disease even exists. As the saying goes: you don’t truly get it until you get it.”