You Have to See This Video of Heidi Montag Eating Raw “Bull Balls”


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Heidi Montag‘s video will have you heading for the hills. 

In her latest Instagram post, which she captioned, “it’s all about the animal organ,” The Hills star ate bull balls—which appeared to be completely raw—for all her fans to see. 

After taking a bite into one smaller testicle, she remarked, “Not too bad.” 

In the video, Heidi thanked Force of Nature, a company that sells sustainable meats, while showing off the organ she received from the company for her “#carnivordiet.” 

Heidi also pulled up a larger animal organ and tried to bite into the raw meat, saying, “And then this one came with it, the big bull ball. This ones pretty hard to bite into.” While struggling to keep the raw meat in her hands, she exclaimed, “Ahh slippery.” 

“I might have to cook this one,” shard the 35-year-old reality star, who is mom to 4-year-old Gunner. “That one’s a little intense.”

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