You may recognize Lana Wood in a very popular Jame Bond movie


Natalie Wood‘s name has been in the press again, because her sister, Lana WoodA new book, titled “Little Sister: My Investigation into the Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood“. It’s a subject she has written about before, justifiably. The book has raised some questions and opened the door for more discussion about Natalie Wood’s fate. One simple question that keeps seeming to come is “who is Lana Wood”We can help you with that.

A Family Affair

Lana Wood is Natalie Wood’s sister, and has some experience working in Hollywood. Some may be familiar with her from her time on the TV series. Peyton Place in the late ’60s, she got her start on the legendary western The Searchers with John Wayne in 1956, and there’s more. She is also a film producer and has made a notable appearance in front of the camera.

You might recognize her from something you know a lot more.

Bond, James Bond

Lana Wood played Bond girl Plenty O’ Toole in the 1971 James Bond Classic, Diamonds last forever. This is a brief refresher for those who missed it 50 years ago when it was first dropped.

It’s a fun and entertaining game to play as you watch the clip. It’s a well-known fact. “set dressing”It’s part of being Bond girl. However, a lot of this stuff looks old milk in retrospect.

Her role is primarily to bring luck to the guys. She is a Bond girl which means that her on-screen luck eventually runs out. Here is where it gets a little bizarre.

Irony and Tragedie

One thing makes her stand out:Diamonds Last ForeverStrangely, it is haunting. It is a simple fact that her character nearly drowns in that film. The death of her sister would mirror one in real life years later, with even more tragic results.

Natalie Wood’s death would truly haunt Lana throughout the rest of her life, which circles back to the New bookShe just wrote. We are hopeful that she gets the answers she seeks in her lifetime. Hopefully she will. PlentyYou have plenty of time.

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