You Won’t Believe Who Was a Fan of New Girl


Winston’s professional basketball days in Latvia never could have prepared him for this! 

In January, Lamorne Morris and Hannah Simone, who played Winston and CeCe on New Girl, launched a re–watch podcast Welcome to Our Show from iHeartMedia, with Zooey Deschanel, who plays the show’s titular character Jessica Day.

Now, in an E! News exclusive interview—and in the spirit of reminiscing on old episodes—the pair revealed one particular fan of the hit–sitcom: Kobe Bryant

It turns out that Bryant was such a big fan of the show, that one day he decided to stop by the Fox Studio Lot in Los Angeles to make a surprise visit and watch the cast film.

“As I’m coming out of my trailer,” Lamorne recalled, “I see this tall dude in a Nike track suit walking up to the stage with one of the executives.”

“I was like, what actor is 6’6″? Like, this is silly, who is that?” he said. “And up comes Kobe Bryant.”

He continued, “I genuinely felt like I was about to have a heart attack. I didn’t know what to say. If anyone knows me, they know that I’m a huge basketball fan.”

And while he was starstruck, Lamorne realized Kobe had come just for them. “Our stage is the only one on that side, so I go, ‘He’s coming here.’ And Kobe comes in to watch us perform and he sat back and he chatted us up.”

Sounds like all of Lamorne’s swishes came true that day!

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