Your Daily Horoscope – December 17, 2022


Madame Miranda posts are written by M. Davis McAfee. They were based on M. Davis McAfee’s descriptions of the motivations behind each sign as well as the positioning of celestial body mapped by We appreciate the ability to self-reflect through astrology, but our horoscopes serve entertainment purposes only.

On Saturday, December 17th, a waning crescent Moon flies in a tense square with Venus in the 1st House of Self and the 4th House of Home & Family, respectively. While the Sun’s opposition with Mars retrograde is finally beginning to soften, the star is slowly moving into an equally volatile square with Jupiter. Today, be aware of emotions that can impede our judgement and hinder our progress. 

What would that look like on your sign?

There’s a big difference between wallowing and processing. Although the former may be more productive, it is better to take your time with the latter. There is no rush. You decide when you’re ready.

Taurus: Temporary pleasure is often less rewarding than long-term satisfaction. Don’t let your emotions get so strong that you lose sight. Spite might feel good for a second, but it won’t create long-lasting relationships.

Sometimes we run toward the same problems again, not because we don’t know any better but because our pride wants a second shot at handling it better. What do you think?

The stars tell you to stay focused on your place within the world. When you are dealing with matters of the heart and finances, make sure that you evaluate the situation to see if it is consistent with your goals, values, and ambitions.

Leo, falling into unhealthy habits can be very deceiving. Although your mind is being tricked by the satisfaction from the ritual, your body is actually suffering the consequences. It’s time to reconsider whether this habit is worth keeping.

You’ve held your nose to the grindstone for quite some time, Virgo. You’re well past due to reap the rewards of all your hard work. You deserve to have a great time. So, don’t be afraid to take it.

Are you holding onto this relationship because it’s one worth keeping or because you’re too proud to let it go? While you might not readily admit the answer outwardly, there’s no sense in trying to lie to yourself about it.

It isn’t often that you let yourself succumb to giddy emotions of joy, elation, and excitement. Don’t let your insecurities convince you that doing so is superfluous. You are actually able to do the opposite. Not requiredThese moments should be enjoyed every once in a while.

It is easier to blame the other party for the conversational impasse than to hold oneself responsible. The stars encourage you to keep trying. Sag, communication is always a two-way road. Don’t forget your obligations to the connection, either. 

You’ve been trying to forgo your needs in the name of success for a long while now, and the stars are encouraging you to give up the fight. You can’t keep running on fumes and expect to get further down the road.

If there’s anyone who loves to prove they can overcome a challenge, it’s you, Aquarius. You have the universe to thank for this chance. Use it to your advantage, and believe in you capabilities.

It’s not always your job to make sure everyone else is completely satisfied, Pisces. You need to keep some of this energy for yourself. Disappointing people is an inevitability no one can avoid—indeed, that even means you.

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