Your Daily Horoscope for October 16, 2022


A waning gibbous Moon will fly under Cancer on Sunday, October 16th. Jupiter retrograde is riding the line between 6th House of Work (or 7th House of Relationships) and makes a tight square to the Moon. Emotions will be high, whether professionally or personally. 

What could that translate into for your sign?

Your beliefs are the basis of your priorities. If one of your beliefs is questioned, then the other too. If they are of substantial value, then they’ll be able to withstand closer criticism. If they’re not, then they won’t.

You prefer to surround yourself with like-minded people because you’re not great at handling resistance. Stars warn you not to discount the benefits of a different viewpoint. You’ll never know until you try.

Your ability to judge accurately begins to decline when you let your emotions influence your judgement. While this obstacle certainly affects you, it’s bigger than you, too. Don’t lose sight of what’s really important here, Gemini.

Cancer, fighting against such an emotional wave will only make you sick. You’d be better off riding the ups and downs as they come. Eventually, this will pass, and you’ll need your energy when it does.

It can be difficult for you to accept change, particularly when you feel like you’re reaching the top of your game. However, time’s ever-forward nature means that stagnancy will eventually beget regression. It’s best to keep it moving.

Although you take pride in your ability overextend yourself, the stars encourage you to reconsider. While it might seem like you’re honoring your abilities by using them, you’re doing yourself a disservice by avoiding rest.

Your capacity to give of your time, spirit, and self will continue to deplete if you don’t learn how to dial it back. Not every relationship can be conflict-free, and you shouldn’t sacrifice yourself in an effort to make it that way.

You’re always so quick to assume someone is plotting against you. True, you’ve experienced this in the past. What would you do if this were to be different? What if you tried?

It is hard to find a balance between work and home life. But you mustn’t let it stop you from trying. Giving 100% to either isn’t humanly possible, but giving up certainly isn’t a more productive option. Keep going, Sag.

Cap. Don’t underestimate your abilities halfway to the finish line. You’ve come this far; there’s no reason why you can’t push ahead a little further.

You’re at a good stopping place to reanalyze your goals and ambitions; make sure you’re making productive use of this time. Don’t be afraid to consider the possibility that you’re better off on a different path. That’s okay, too.

Your empathy and patience are extraordinary. However, you still have to develop the ability to show compassion to others. Pisces, the stars encourage you to take action now more than ever. 

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