Your Daily Horoscope for September 21, 2022


We have Mercury retrograde on Wednesday, September 21st and a waning crescent moon under Leo to allow us to take our setbacks as learning opportunities. Have you encountered any communicative challenges recently? The stars encourage you to be aware of what is happening around you and not to give in to the temptation to take action. You can save the action for later. Now is the time to absorb, learn, and process. 

What does this mean for you today?

A close loved one’s predicament is not so different than one in which you’ve previously found yourself. What lessons did you learn that you could share with them? Stars are a great way to increase your empathy.

You are a person who is either all or nothing. This can lead to mediocrity and extreme loyalty. Don’t be so quick to rule out those you might not have considered for your inner circle. Similarly, don’t assume everyone that’s currently there should be.

Miscommunications are often far more mental than we’d like to admit. Be cautious of projecting your insecurities or feelings onto someone else’s words or actions. Don’t fill in the blanks for them; let them present their case their way.

Listen to the person who is revealing their identity. It’s rarely ostentatious or aggressive. On the contrary, it’s usually subtle, passive, and easy to miss. In these cases, it’s best to pay close attention to how you’re feeling.

You can’t walk every life path at once, Leo. Eventually, you’ll have to give up the life that might have been waiting for you down one route for another, more beneficial one. The sooner you let the alternative go, the better you’ll feel.

Your judgmental nature is a BitThere are many times when your intuition is correct, even if you have a good reputation. The stars don’t suggest burning every bridge you see, but a follow-up or two wouldn’t hurt.

If you don’t remove your ego from this situation, then everything is going to feel like a personal attack. Don’t let your emotions convince you of alternate realities, Libra. It’s important to stay in the moment as objectively as possible.

When you’ve grown accustomed to living on the darker side of life, it can be uncomfortable to try and step into the light. But just because something is familiar doesn’t mean it’s good, Scorpio.

In times of change, it is even more important to keep our faith. Self-doubt can surface in transitional stages. Don’t be afraid to lean on your community if you need support.

You can’t invest too much of yourself into being the best version of yourself. ‘doer’Oder ‘fixer,’These periods of rest can cause you to lose your identity. You should be grounded in your values and not your daily output.

Because you’re so used to blazing trails, it can be difficult to admit when you’ve fallen behind. You ignore it in order to not admit that you were wrong. But Until you admit that, you’ll just keep straying further from the path.

Could the extended conflict between you and your partner be a sign of your love? Idea of the person—not the person themselves? Don’t let your imagination take over. You can’t will a person to be someone they’re not.

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